About HenchTech
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The Past, Present and Future:

Like most things, HenchTech was born from a simple idea: to provide everyone with the best that the gaming and tech worlds have to offer, all in one place, and have some fun along the way. 

There are some pretty awesome companies out there that do this, but here at HenchTech we try to do things things in our own way. You’ll get the all news, secrets and revelations but we try to keep them fresh and interesting, while staying true to each individual authors style and humour; so be prepared to read some fun and different opinions! 

We also try to provide up to date first-hand coverage of all gaming and tech shows and expos within the UK, with the usual HenchTech style, so keep an eye out for events we’re attending because we want you along for the crazy button-bashing ride!

Like a review or article? Then please help us out by Liking, Tweeting or Posting it! HenchTech is growing really fast but its your support that means the most to us! We always love to hear from you too, so let us know what you think of something with comments on the website or social media. Looking to strike up a partnership or offer other support? Head over to the Contact Us page and contact Hugo Henche – HenchTech’s Editor-In-Chief.

We’re always looking to broaden our horizons, and we’ll keep you posted on everything to come!