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Throwback Thursday: Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy VII

Widely regarded as one of the greatest games of all time; Final Fantasy VII not only set the Final Fantasy franchise in a new direction, it became a defining moment in JRPG’s, winning new audiences in the west and setting a new, lofty bar for the genre itself. Square Softs Final Fantasy VII was the first in the series to receive full polygon rendering, bringing familiar magic spells like ‘Firaga’ new splendour and awe, as well as series recurring summon creatures like Bahamut to life.

Throwback Thursday: The Granstream Saga
The Granstream Saga

The events of The Granstream Saga are set 100 years after a cataclysmic war which saw the earth literally torn asunder after a terrible and forbidden ancient weapon was used to try to turn the tide. The misuse of the weapon caused damage to the very core of the planet, set off chain reactions that caused the planet’s axis to shift and melt the polar ice caps! And you thought global warming was bad!

Throwback Thursday: 24: The Game
24: The Game Header

Normally when you think of games based off of movies or TV series, you think of a poorly conceived, badly judged mess that probably doesn’t even resemble its source material, but 24: The Game happily broke that mould when it released in early 2006. Thankfully the script and musical score were created with the aid of the TV series production teams, which ensures that the story delivers as much impact as a whole season of Jack Bauer’s usual antics. It even received a BAFTA nomination for its screenplay elements.

The Abandoned Review – Insanity and Crafting
The Abandoned

The Abandoned is a new survival adventure game for iOS and Android from indie developers Yadon Studio and published by Gaijin Entertainment, the creator of WWII sim; War Thunder. Released on 31/03/16, The Abandoned is the first title to make use of a new indie funding project ‘Gaijin inCubator’, which helps small creative indie dev teams by offering expertise in publishing and producing.

3D Screen Protector – Whoosh3D Review
Whoosh3D Header

Some of the technological wonders of today are so impressive, that even 20 years ago, they would have seemed unfathomable, outside the realms of science fiction. In the last 10 years alone, the appearance and capabilities of your mobile phone has changed dramatically! Those one-inch ‘bricks’ with black and green screens are a thing of the past, and huge up to 7-inch vibrant lcd screens (that blur the line between smartphone and tablet) are becoming common place. But is that enough? What happens when you want to push your phone’s screen to its limits? Well 3D tech company 3DU literally has it covered!

Acer K138ST Projector Review
Acer K138ST Projector

Have you ever wanted to have a real cinema experience right in the comfort of your own home? Well with the Acer K138ST Projector you can!

Throwback Thursday: Armored Core
Armored Core Header

There is something about walking around in a mechanized death machine that I, and indeed many others, found rather endearing back in 1997 when Armored Core was released, which seemed to tower above the opposition on the good ol’ Playstation.

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