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DotA 2 – An Introduction To eSports
Dota 2

For the dedicated gamer, the phenomenon of e-sports can be anywhere from a point of pride to an embarrassment, often simultaneously. Surges of exposure have given this formerly niche form of gaming a broader variety and acceptance, and supported the careers of armies of professional players, especially those savvy and charismatic enough to harness the power of YouTube and Twitch. Yet that same exposure throws into light the relative immaturity of the industry surrounding the sports, as well as the presence of often caustic and unsavoury strangers floating around the public matchmaking servers.

HenchTech Special: Pete’s Top 10 Games
Pete's Top 10

Video games have been a part of me for most of my life, ever since I can remember I have…

Minecraft: Story Mode – Episodic Disaster Or Stroke Of Genius?
Minecraft: Story Mode Title

Most people’s initial reaction to the announcement that widely popular sandbox game Minecraft was receiving a ‘Story Mode’, was a…

Where is FF7 G-Bike Square Enix?

Anyone who played Final Fantasy 7 since its release in 1997 will be familiar with the ‘Gold Saucer’, a huge…