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The Ship: Remasted Preview
The Ship: Remasted

Being a massive fan of 2006’s The Ship (which has been enjoyed by over 1.6 million players since its release), I was delighted to learn that Blazing Griffin, the developers that had obtained the rights to The Ship, had announced a remaster of the game! The Ship is a unique FPS where players find themselves on a series of 1920s ships, orchestrated by the mysterious Mr X, to take part in a game of life and death. You’re given the name of one of the other unfortunate souls wandering around the ship, and your task is to kill that person. However this is no simple task because someone else on the ship also has your name, and they’ll be trying to kill you too – that’s all on top of avoiding being caught by the on-board security personnel and cameras, which would lead to getting thrown in jail.

Beep Boop Bot: Fast-Paced Arcade Shooter
Beep Boop Bot

Beep Boop Bot is a quick moving, action packed arcade shooter. You play as Beep Boop Bot a slightly beat…