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Indie Tapas – May 2016
Indie Tapas May 2016

What could possibly be better than a round of tasty Tapas? That’s right, another round of Tapas! HenchTech’s Indie Tapas, to be precise! In May’s edition we have the delicious mix of a roguish RPG and a survival city-builder type, along with a dash of stealthy goodness and just a little sprinkling from an intergalactic chemistry set. Tuck in as Tom serves up these bite-sized indie delights!

Indie Tapas – April 2016

One of the wonders of the modern, digitally-enhanced age is how absurdly easy it has become to make your own game. Anybody so inclined can dip their ladles into the seething broth of tools available online and apply their creative juices to the glutinous potion thereby brought forth, without needing to resort to the stuffy, conservative publishers and their bottom lines.