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Throwback Thursday: Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy VII

Widely regarded as one of the greatest games of all time; Final Fantasy VII not only set the Final Fantasy franchise in a new direction, it became a defining moment in JRPG’s, winning new audiences in the west and setting a new, lofty bar for the genre itself. Square Softs Final Fantasy VII was the first in the series to receive full polygon rendering, bringing familiar magic spells like ‘Firaga’ new splendour and awe, as well as series recurring summon creatures like Bahamut to life.

New Acer Iconia One 7- Built for Kids, Trusted by Parents

Acer has announced a new addition to the ultra stylish Iconia tablet range, boasting even greater simplicity and ease-of-use all in an updated slim and lightweight package. The new compact and convenient 7-inch Acer Iconia One 7 has been designed with first-time tablet buyers and parents who need a tablet that they can trust for their children.

Throwback Thursday: Crash Bandicoot
Crash Bandicoot TBT

Deep in the fictional jungle of Wumpa Island, just south of Australia, the evil Dr Neo Cortex brings life to our protagonist, Crash Bandicoot. After measuring his personality in the Vortex, Crash is found to be too good to become one of Cortex’s minions. This precocious, denim-clad scamp unfortunately spends the majority of his existence evading Cortex’s attempts to murder him and foiling his maniacal plans of world domination.

HenchTech Proudly On YouTube
HenchTech on YouTube

Some of you may have already seen from the Twitter, Facebook and Google+ posts, but lets make it official; HenchTech…

Amazing Charity Event: Southampton Game Fest
Southampton Game Fest

Thanks to the wonders of social media (and Twitter on this particular occasion), we stumbled upon something that we felt…

Minecraft: Story Mode – Episodic Disaster Or Stroke Of Genius?
Minecraft: Story Mode Title

Most people’s initial reaction to the announcement that widely popular sandbox game Minecraft was receiving a ‘Story Mode’, was a…

HenchTech Officially Going To EGX As Press!
EGX 2015

We can now officially say that HenchTech will be present at EGX 2015 from 24th – 27th September! Not just as…