EGX 2015 25th September – Day 2

The second day of EGX 2015 at the NEC Birmingham has now passed and we take a fond look at some of our personal highlights. Friday saw the expected change in pace with more gamers (and certainly more cosplayers) adding to the buzz and atmosphere of the NEC halls. As usual; the cosplay enthusiasts among the crowd were happy to pose with anyone and everyone (including us) that wanted a picture with them, and ranged all the way from The Joker and Harley Quinn to what seemed to be the running theme of the day; Daedric Armour from the Elder Scrolls series.

First up on our hitlist was Homefront: The Revolution, the sequel to the 2011 original. After some time away from the spotlight and Homefront’s developer Kaos Studios shutting down; there were many that were sceptical about this titles future, however Crytek have taken up the mantle with spectacular fashion to create a very fresh FPS experience – an ever increasingly difficult challenge these days. With on-the-fly customisable weapons and a freedom to take on any enemy encounter from a multitude of options; each time you attack a convoy or outpost on the streets of the US, in guerrilla warfare style, you’ll really feel like your fighting the way that suites you most.

Keeping in an evident theme of EGX 2015, we highlight again a VR title, this time by nDreams, named The Assembly. The demo that was showcased saw you strapped into an upright gurney, slowly being pushed through a laboratory of some kind with an unknown voice cryptically talking about events past and hinting towards things to come. What immediately stood out was the amazing texture of your surroundings as well as the incredibly precise perception of depth that it gave you. Missing panels, pipes and dust particles coming from vents all came alive in a way that we haven’t quite seen in VR, which combined with strong voice acting and an engaging sense of mystery; delivered one of the smoothest story-driven VR experiences we’ve had to date.

We had an appetite for a bit of destruction today so we tried our hands at being Rico Rodriguez in Just Cause 3. Without question, JC3 comes good on its promise of fun and interesting, Hollywood-style ways of causing mayhem and destruction of your enemies and environments. With obvious improvements to things like driving and parachute controls as well as the extremely useful wingsuit, getting around the incredible 400 square miles of map can be a breeze. With your mission of liberating the island of Medici from the grip of a crooked dictator, you are given the freedom to decide how you should approach your tasks and goals, however lets face it; you’re likely to just want to blow stuff up. And with an impressive arsenal of weapons and explosives, with stunning graphical detail of the fire and explosions, you’re able to do just that and more.

We rounded off our day with a visit to another dimension, Lego Dimensions to be exact, which we learned was much more than just a Skylanders/Disney Infinity clone. Swapping your Lego heroes around, either on or off the platform, saw the game work in a large variety of ways from teleporting them between different rooms to giving them the ability to shrink or double in size or to complete puzzles. With such a diverse list of Lego heroes to choose from, whether you like Batman, Gandolf or Doc from Back To The Future, theres something for everyone.

After another day of gaming awesomeness, we look to day 3 to up the anti even further!


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