EGX 2015 26th September – Day 3

So, it’s the end of Day 3 of EGX 2015 at the NEC Birmingham and today we’ve been queuing with the masses, talking to gamers, cosplayers and developers alike. And with so much incredible merchandise on offer, we’ve even invested in some amazing things to decorate the halls of the future HenchTech HQ.

Today we joined in the epic 20v20 showcase of the famous Hoth battle between the Rebels and Stormtroopers in Star Wars Battlefront. Huge strides have been taken in how you make a difference in battle since the original games and there are more ways to play than ever. With a major emphasis on working as team to hold objective points and break through defences, you’ll rely on your fellow players more than in previous titles in the series where most people really did do their own thing. You can tailor your soldier’s loudout to suit your play style with things like thermo grenades, personal force field-like shields and ion torpedoes, as well as a primary weapon that works for you. Where battlefront really begins to shine however is when you seamlessly jump between turrets, ground vehicles like AT-ST’s and aircraft such as the nimble X-Wing. Access to these mighty machines come in the form of tokens that can be collected throughout the battle and when used can help turn the tide of battle immensely. However having said that; playing as infantry on the ground against these vehicles actually still feels very fair as you have access to powerful abilities that compensate for this, such as the very fun to use orbital strike, which if used correctly can take out masses of the enemy and destroy their vehicles too. Flying the games aircrafts feel incredibly natural and fluid, allowing even the clumsiest of players the opportunity to rain blaster fire down from above without crashing into the terrain in anti-climatic splendour.

Guitar Hero Live was next on our radar and our once avid fingers on the controller, were once again lost due to the newly designed guitar controller. Where there were once 5 differently coloured buttons, there are now 6 buttons, however they have been simplified down to 3 lower buttons in white and 3 upper buttons in black, with higher difficulties utilising both at the same time. Despite the changes to the buttons, the guitar controller felt very familiar and has maintained the classic whammy bar and star power button. What set this Guitar Hero experience apart from previous titles was the ‘living’ crowd that you are playing to. If you play well, then the real life crowd cheers louder and your band members feed off of the vibe, however if you play poorly; can start to boo, throw stuff at the stage and one or two brave/foolish souls even choose to storm the stage in outrage – before being pummelled by the bands security. All in all Guitar Hero Live seems to be about making the series more realistic and immersive and the new buttons scheme only reinforces this, but if you’ve played a Guitar Hero game before, it’ll still feel familiar enough to get straight back into the action.

We took a look at Rainbow Six: Siege in its full destructive glory, in the new multiplayer Siege mode where players attack as one military group against another. Sounds familiar right? Well to set it aside from the rest, Siege adds lots of destructible points around the various maps which quite literally allows you to lay siege on a building by blowing up walls, floors and doors with explosive charges, either creating a new way to your objective or killing your enemy on the other side. Of course, if you’re on the other side of this firepower you can protect against the siege by deploying barricades, of both the destructible and none non-destructible kind, to hinder the advance and advantage of your attackers. There is a whole host of interesting and unique gadgets that can be applied like placing barbed wired below a hole in the ceiling that you suspect an enemy might jump down from, or a device that can drill holes in a wall to deploy grenades on the other side. It has a somewhat cops and robbers feel to it, albeit with a high-tech military lick of paint and supped-up engine, so getting stuck into the game has an engaging mix of familiarity and intrigue of the new.

We also found that cosplayers were out in force today with it being the EGX Cosplay Championships! The themes stretched far and wide and there were so many good ones, but a few that really stood out for us due to sheer scope of their costumes were; the 8-foot-odd Lord Of Skulls Khorne from Warhammer 40K, Power Armour Batman from the upcoming Batman vs. Superman and Jolteon from Pokémon! Our full gallery will be up on the events page after EGX so be sure to check out the HenchTech team getting in on the cosplay fun!

With the final day of EGX 2015 just around the corner, we are excited to see what’s in store!


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