EGX 2015 27th September – Day 4

And so the final day of EGX 2015 has come and gone at the NEC in Birmingham and here at HenchTech we take a moment to draw breath after our first official visit to the biggest UK gaming expo. This last day was more about relaxing and being social for the HenchTech team than gaming and we did just that by taking part in giveaways (we hope you’ve seen our special EGX giveaway on social media, by the way!), collecting freebies and saying goodbye to some new friends we’ve made throughout our time at EGX.

An extreme highlight of the day for the whole team (but especially Pete) was when Charles Cecil, co-founder of Revolution and creator of the legendary Broken Sword series, took to the stage for a crowd Q&A. The first question went to Pete, of course who asked “How many concepts do the characters [of the Broken Sword series] go through?” and to which Charles gave a fabulous insight into the several iterations of the characters before explaining that he is a huge fan of Tintin and it’s the archetype of characters within Tintin that have given him some inspiration as to how his characters should come across. It was clear to see that Charles was extremely humble despite the Broken Sword series being in a tier of the highest renown in the industry and whole crowd of people looking to have his autograph. Lucky for them (and us), it was also a signing session so we had the good fortune to receive a mini comic prequel to Broken Sword 5: The Serpent’s Curse, which he individually signed. We are currently in positive discussions with Charles people regarding an official HenchTech interview so watch this space.

We caught up with our friends at the NFTS stand, to see how players feedback had helped shape their games. Despite a busy 4 days, they had held fast and taken all player feedback in their stride. ‘MegaMech Ultimate Mayhem’ had moved on from the slight technical difficulties of Thursday and the full set of features were in place. There is something hugely satisfying about shooting lasers from your VR mech eyes to blast everything around you into little pieces! We noted that the screen resolution of ‘Between Us’ had been tweaked slightly to improve the lighting, which improved the overall feel of the game. With the NFTS guys off to Game City soon, we wish them all the best and hope to catch up sometime soon.

Hugo got his hands on the Playstation VR (previously Project Morpheus) headset today, when he got to play ‘The Heist’ a VR title that aims to completely immerse you into a criminal underworld in heists and getaway shoot-outs, among other things. Thanks to the Playstation Move controllers, acting as your hands in the VR world, you’re immersion is taken into fantastic new depths as it feels more real than ever before. Despite how simple it sounds; the ability to look around you while you reload your gun in the opposite way to which you’re looking for example, is phenomenal in the goal of making you feel like your really sitting in a getaway van and not confined to your sofa. The Playstation VR headset felt incredibly comfortable and light as well as having the most fluid and clear image that we’ve seen on a VR system so far.

Cosplayers helped us round off the day by wanting to have picture after picture with Hugo… ok, so it might have been the other way around as he loves that stuff. There is something incredibly inspiring about so many different people coming together to talk about how to make costumes, giving tips and looking awesome!

That’s all from us at EGX 2015 folks, but we had such a blast meeting everyone that we did, playing some of the best indie and triple A titles in recent times and cementing the future of VR in our minds!

Keep an eye out on our events page for an overview and gallery to follow shortly.



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