Event: EGX REZZED 7-9 April 2016
HenchTech REZZED 2016

We’re really excited to finally confirm that HenchTech is attending EGX REZZED on Saturday the 9th, so we’ll be keeping you up to date with everything we can see and get our hands on.

When we attended EGX 2015, we found that we were having just as much of a good time playing the indie titles than the AAA ones, if not more in some cases! It was great to meet the actual developers for these little gems as well, and we can safely say that we made some great friends in the indie dev world.

EGX REZZED very core is indie games, and although there promises to be some big AAA titles available too, we’re excited for what new indie gaming discoveries we may have with theĀ 160+ games that are going to be on show. Alongside the Triple A titles and tons of indie games, there will be developer sessions, behind-the-scenes looks at making games and VR experiences aplenty!

Check out the events page for all the info on events that HenchTech attends.


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