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Throwback Thursday: God Of War
God Of War

As I’m sure we all remember from stories and school lessons, Ancient Greece was not for the faint of heart, nor the weak willed. With Gods who’d eat their own children in fear of being over-powered, mythical monsters terrorizing innocent people and tales of epic naval warfare, few were safe from the dangers of the time. Even our protagonist, the battle-hardy Kratos struggles to keep his Minotaurs in a row, in this classical antiquity based action-adventure.

Throwback Thursday: Burnout 3 Takedown
Burnout 3 Header

You know that thrill of a fast paced game? The kind that gets you leaning forward from your chair, with your eyes fixed to the screen and everything around suddenly isn’t there anymore. I haven’t felt so concentrated as I have in Burnout 3 Takedown because that one little scrape could become a catastrophe for you! You’re in for a treat if you have never played any of the Burnout games before. But even if you have, the 3rd instalment is considered one of the best in the series when compared to later installments like Paradise and other racing games alike, and they’re not wrong. Takedown, in my opinion is one of the most important racing games that made later racing games compete even on the PlayStation 3. Released on PS2 and Xbox, the graphics are seriously not far off from early PS3/Xbox 360 standards.

Throwback Thursday: 24: The Game
24: The Game Header

Normally when you think of games based off of movies or TV series, you think of a poorly conceived, badly judged mess that probably doesn’t even resemble its source material, but 24: The Game happily broke that mould when it released in early 2006. Thankfully the script and musical score were created with the aid of the TV series production teams, which ensures that the story delivers as much impact as a whole season of Jack Bauer’s usual antics. It even received a BAFTA nomination for its screenplay elements.

Throwback Thursday: The Warriors
The Warrors Header

Hello, boppers! Don’t worry, you don’t need to hit the streets of Coney Island to travel back to the 80s, because The Warriors brings the gritty street gangs and leather waistcoats to you! Rockstar Games took the 1979 cult classic and gave it a new lease of life in late 2005, which brought the original film a whole new generation of fans, thanks to this smash hit game.

Throwback Thursday: Bully (Canis Canem Edit)
Bully (Canis Canem Edit)

Remember being back in school? Where you’d be very conscious of every step you made because you wouldn’t want to do anything stupid or embarrassing that might risk getting you the wrong kind of attention? Where gossiping and rumours could lead to a good kicking? Well in 2006 Rockstar released Bully, or Canis Canem Edit as it was called in PAL regions, which let you experience school life from the other side of the fist.

Throwback Thursday: The Getaway
The Getaway Header

It’s a seemingly ordinary day in the city of London, the setting of The Getaway. Black cabs whizzing by, red double decker busses roaring away and people yelling at each other. But today Mark Hammond, an ex London gangster who’s not long been released from prison, abruptly wakes up to discover his wife and son being kidnapped. However, a couple of the ‘has-been’ gangsters accidentally kill the wife while trying to get her in the car. When Hammond reaches her in an emotional state, he makes the classic mistake of picking up the murder weapon, incriminating himself in the murder of his own wife.

Throwback Thursday: Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock
Guitar Hero 3 Header

There have been plenty of active games with add-on hardware, for several consoles, which require you to stand up and prance about the room to play, such as The Eye Toy for the PS2, and of course the Wii – the family favourite for getting you and your granny hashing out a few rounds of virtual bowling, tennis or golf. However, one that stands out from the crowd, and one that has found its way to almost all consoles and handhelds in recent years, is a game that not only gets you on your feet, but feeling like a superstar! That’s Guitar Hero of course! And it’s Legends of Rock, the 3rd installment, which made the franchise a real turn around for games having you off of your sofa.

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