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Throwback Thursday: Peggle

Remember when people used to play games on their PC? When they were simple enough you could explain the concepts to someone who had no knowledge of gaming? (and no, before anyone asks, I’m not talking about World of Warcraft or Counter Strike!) What I’m talking about are flash games. The games on websites you used to go on as a kid during IT without the teacher noticing. The games that you didn’t have to pay a huge amount (or at all) for. One such game that had such humble beginnings is Pop Cap’s casual puzzle game; Peggle.

Throwback Thursday: The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion
The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion

Stop right there, criminal scum! Yes, it is time to return to the Imperial heartland of Tamriel and face the infernal armies of Oblivion once again. Centuries before we ventured north to the frozen continent of Skyrim, we found ourselves flying over the impressive Imperial City, listening to the impressive voice of Patrick Stewart foretell an impressive Doom, and we landed in a familiar setting: a dingy prison cell. From such lowly beginnings all the stories of the Elder Scrolls stem and Number IV offers perhaps the best-told tale in the book.

Throwback Thursday: Burnout 3 Takedown
Burnout 3 Header

You know that thrill of a fast paced game? The kind that gets you leaning forward from your chair, with your eyes fixed to the screen and everything around suddenly isn’t there anymore. I haven’t felt so concentrated as I have in Burnout 3 Takedown because that one little scrape could become a catastrophe for you! You’re in for a treat if you have never played any of the Burnout games before. But even if you have, the 3rd instalment is considered one of the best in the series when compared to later installments like Paradise and other racing games alike, and they’re not wrong. Takedown, in my opinion is one of the most important racing games that made later racing games compete even on the PlayStation 3. Released on PS2 and Xbox, the graphics are seriously not far off from early PS3/Xbox 360 standards.

Throwback Thursday: The Warriors
The Warrors Header

Hello, boppers! Don’t worry, you don’t need to hit the streets of Coney Island to travel back to the 80s, because The Warriors brings the gritty street gangs and leather waistcoats to you! Rockstar Games took the 1979 cult classic and gave it a new lease of life in late 2005, which brought the original film a whole new generation of fans, thanks to this smash hit game.

Throwback Thursday: The Suffering
Suffering Header

Set in Abbot State Penitentiary, on the isolated Carnate Island, it deploys a surprisingly deep and disturbing tale of murder and insanity; combined with fierce monsters, varied locations and the island’s own troubled past, to reveal the truth behind the protagonist’s story.

Throwback Thursday: Portal

Back in the waning months of 2007 there was much to raise the excitement of your average attentive gaming acolyte, but perhaps nothing was more potent than The Orange Box. Valve’s titanic Half-Life 2 received its second episodic update, an installment alternating between pumping and rending the hearts of the enthralled slaves innocents might call gamers. They bundled it into a package brimming over with viscous value, including as it did the main game, Episode One and the incomparable classic Team Fortress 2. Oh, and a short experimental game called Portal.

Throwback Thursday: Star Wars KOTOR
KOTOR Header

This week we return to BioWare for another piled helping of RPG nutrition. Knights of the Old Republic is what happens when you combine artful developers with the fertile narrative soil of the Star Wars universe. This game delivers all the hallmarks of a great RPG: compelling characters, complex character progression, choice after choice on your epic quest.

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