Throwback Thursday: DOOM (1993)

We all have a game we vividly remember playing as a little kid whether it be a game hardly anyone knows about or considered a turning point for the future release of games. Released in 1993 when I was turning just 2 years old a special game released that pretty much defined the first person shooter. But this was the first of its kind. When you think about the amount of FPS are out there today, there’s still one over 20 years old that people still play today. Of course, I’m talking about Doom! An absolute icon in the video game industry.

Obviously I was a bit older when I killed my first demon but the memory is burned into my brain. This was because of many reasons:
1. Because I was playing a gore-y when I wasn’t old enough, remember that feeling?
2. Because I had always played side scrollers up until then, so a first person perspective was completely new to me.
3. I had never played such a fast paced game like Doom before! And games like Streets of Rage were brilliant and fast paced but compared to Doom? Not quite!

I could continue with the list but it’d be pretty much endless because not only was it breaking barriers all over the place, it was also one of the very first multiplayer games to contain a Deathmatch mode. Again, this is the norm now, every game that involves shooting will have some form of Deathmatch mode on multiplayer! But there has to be a first for everything and Doom was where it famously started.

One of the best memories I have is staying up until early hours in the morning of a weekend playing Doom with a friend! We both owned a PlayStation and both had the game so we linked up with our own TV and we played it for hours! Wires were everywhere but that was a necessary evil back then, so we didn’t care, because it was worth it!

With memorable sound effects of doors opening and closing to the charging of the BFG, you know someone is playing Doom just by hearing those beautiful sounds. I must say, my absolute favourite sound effect is the shooting of the double barrel shotgun from Doom II. For some reason, and rather disappointingly, that sound later changed, as well as many other sounds, when Bethesda got a hold of the game. You can pick up 7 guns and the infamous chainsaw lying around in levels to turn the evil into mush. Quite a selection for a 90s game!

I still have as much fun today with Doom as I did when I first played it, I’m also finding new secrets every time I play it! Something that just doesn’t happen today, with countless levels to go through it’s always a new experience. Yes, the graphics are dated blah blah blah! But it really doesn’t matter. Besides as the series has just been rebooted, you can now play Doom in next gen! Just don’t forget the legendary, the classic, the original Doom for this game must be played by everyone! Yes, EVERYONE!


Peter Hall was raised as a gamer, being the youngest of two siblings, he was given a Sega Mega Drive controller at just 5 years old and the rest they say, is history. He has built up an impressive console collection decade after decade and collected 1000s of games.

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